Batik Diplomacy and the Unique Celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day: The Strong Bilateral Relations Between Turkey and Indonesia

Written by: Ditria Nabila

August 17, the day when all Indonesian people celebrate the independence day of the Indonesian nation, including Indonesian citizens living abroad. One of the unique 17 August celebrations abroad is the celebration in Ankara, Turkey. Normally the Indonesian national anthem, Indonesia Raya, is played by Indonesians when raising the flag, but the Red and White was hoisted in Ankara to the accompaniment of the Turkish Police’s Elite Music Corps, which includes members of the Bandosu Police (Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2022).

This is owing to the significant growth in police-to-police ties between the Indonesian Police and the Turkish National Police during the previous three years, prompting the Turkish National Police to participate in this activity (Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2022). According to the Indonesian ambassador to Turkey, this is a form of goodwill between both the Turkish and Indonesian nations on its anniversary. This year’s flag-raising celebration seemed special because of a particularly meaningful gesture of camaraderie.

Not only that, batik diplomacy also demonstrates the strength of the bilateral connection. With the usage of Genthong Uma Batik by Turkey’s First Lady, Indonesian Batik diplomacy continues to resonate in Turkey. The batik is a gift from the Indonesian Consul General in Istanbul with the intention that bilateral ties between Indonesia and Turkey can improve in all areas, including Indonesia’s cultural legacy (Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2022).

The Turkish first lady’s enthusiasm in batik appears to have been demonstrated on previous occasions, such as the visit of the Indonesian Ambassador last year. According to one of the witnesses to the Indonesian Ambassador’s meeting with the Turkish leader, the Turkish first lady has shown a broad fascination in ethnic products, particularly after learning that the majority of batik craftspeople were women; she saw batik not only as clothing but also as a work of art (Yashinta Difa Pramudyani, 2021). All in all, the aforementioned events, the unique ceremony of Indonesia’s independence day and also the batik diplomacy, clearly reflect the strength of the Turkish-Indonesian bilateral connection.

Ditria Nabila is a member of the Research and Development Division at FPCI UGM. This article reflects her own personal views and not necessarily those of FPCI UGM


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